How to Transfer Contacts from old iPhone to iPhone 6S


iPhone 6S release date rumours: When is the iPhone 6S coming out?

The most likely release date for the iPhone 6S is September 2015, which would follow Apple’s iPhone release schedule history. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were released in September 2014, the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C in September 2013, the iPhone 5 in September 2012 and the iPhone 4S in October 2011.

However, it’s possible that Apple will choose to begin releasing new smartphones twice a year, to keep up with the ever growing and improving competition from rivals such as Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony and more.
In fact, the latest rumour (albeit a particularly shaky one), suggests that the iPhone 6S could arrive in spring 2015 alongside the Apple Watch, which is also expected around that time.

If the iPhone 6S released in 2015, and if you have get ready to buy the new iPhone 6S, the first thing you want to do is to transfer all the contacts from old iPhone to new iPhone 6S, but how to trasnfer all contacts from iPhone 4s/5s/5/6 to iPhone 6S? Is there any useful method to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone 6S?

Here, we recommend you the third-party iPhone Data Transfer software tool, with the help of iPhone Data Transfer, you can not only transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone 6S, but also transfer other data including text messages, photos, songs, videos, notes, apps, whatsapp chat messages to the new iPhone 6S easily.


Next, you can follow the simple steps below:

Step 1: Install and launch Phone Transfer

Download the suitable version, and install it on your computer. Launch the software and choose “Phone to Phone Transfer” tile.


Step 2: Connect both your iPhones to computer

Connect both your iPhones to computer with two USB cables. Soon after detected, both iPhone models will show on the interface.


Step 3: Transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone

In the middle we can see there are “Contacts”, “Text messages”, “Photos”, “Music” and “Video” able to be selected.
To transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone, mark “Contacts” only. Files will be copied from “Source” to “Destination” phone. Click “Start Copy” to copy contacts, then click “OK” to finish. Keep the “Clear data before copy” option unchecked if you don’t want to clear contacts on destination phone.


After these simple steps, you would be able to see those familiar contacts on your new iPhone. Remember to check out more functions Phone Transfer has, and make file transfer between phones a breeze.


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