Transfer Contacts from LG to Samsung Galaxy S8

I have a friend who wants to buy a new phone, and I recommend Samsung S8 and S8+ to him. Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ uses a full view curved screen and borderless visual design, both sides of the phone are using fifth generations of Corelle gorilla glass. After the iconic Home key is removed, the screen ratio is increased to 84%. Both are equipped with the top 2K display, and screen sizes are 5.8 inches and 6.2 inches, respectively. As the world’s first mobile devices through the UHD Alliance certification, in line with MOBILE HDR PREMIUMTM standard, Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ allows users to experience bright colors and contrasts such as the movie maker’s requirements, while watching the show. Its 3.5mm headset interface, Type-C interface and speakers are designed at the bottom of the phone. In addition, the IP68 class waterproof also continues. Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ supports facial recognition and iris recognition unlock.
After listening to my introduction, my friends became interested in them. However, he worried that his old LG phone contacts can not be transferred to the new Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+, because the two brands of phones are not the same. When I got to know his doubts, I recommended Phone to Phone Transfer to him.

Phone to Phone Transfer is your friend to help you transfer contacts. Firstly, it can transfer data between different phones, such as from LG to Samsung, from Samsung to HUAWEI, from HUAWEI to iPhone, and so on. Regardless of whether the two phones have the same system, Phone to Phone Transfer can do its best to transfer data. It also supports vivo, OPPO, Motorola, SONY, ZTE and other mobile devices. In addition, the data types that it supports are diverse, such as text messages, contacts, photos, call history, videos, music, calendars and other data. More importantly, its steps are simple and fast, and you only have to take a few minutes to successfully transfer data, and it takes only three steps, in general, to run software, connect phones, and transfer data.

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Steps to Transfer LG Contacts to Samsung S8:

Step 1. Run Phone to Phone Transfer on your computer

Please download Phone to Phone Transfer on your computer. After you install and run it, you can see four function items, which you need to click “Phone To Phone Transfer”.


Step 2. Connect your LG and Sam sung Galaxy S8/S8+to your computer
Next, please use two USB lines to connect your LG and Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+to your computer at the same time. After successful connection, they are displayed on both sides respectively. As the sourcecell phone, the LG should be displayed on the left. If not, click “Flip”.


Step 3. Check your contacts and start transferring
Obviously, all the data types that can be transferred are displayed between two phones, including contacts, photos, text messages and so on. Since you need to move a contact, you can just tick it, and then uncheck other items, and click “Start Transfer”.


Note: when the contacts start moving to Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+, all you need to do is connect the two phones to the computer. When the connection is interrupted, the transfer of contacts will also fail.

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