Restore data from factory reset samsung Galaxy Phone

Samsung Galaxy factory reset data problem

Hello, everyone. Do you have any idea about the method of data recovery after Samsung Galaxy factory reset? Last Saturday, when I forgot my password and wanted to unlock it, Samsung Galaxy initialized. If you forget my friend’s password, the initial factory will help unlock your phone.

But I forget that there are too many important data in Samsung Galaxy, such as contact information, text messages, photos and so on. To find a way to retrieve the data. If you know the way, please help me. thank you. Many.

Factory reset is an option in Samsung and Android phones to help users quickly delete all personal data of the phone and reset the system status to factory settings. Recently, I’ve introduced a lot of Android phone initialization in guides and news. For example, you can refer to the wizard to reset Samsung Galaxy, and explain the factory initialization method of Samsung Galaxy in the self-study book. People reset their phones for various reasons. Because it’s here, the phone may have been reset. If you forget, before data initialization, you don’t realize that the mobile phone will back up or delete data. If you want to initialize the mobile phone by mistake, it is in the right position. Can the lost data be recovered after initialization? Yes, there is an opportunity to fix the deleted data. Today, it will be shared with people who want to restore contact information, SMS, photos, videos and other deleted data on the initial Samsung smartphone. Including all major Samsung Android phones such as Samsung Galaxy. When using other Android phones, you can refer to the general guide and recover the phone data after factory reset.

Samsung is the best Android mobile phone brand in the market. Samsung’s flagship phone is the world’s best-selling Android phone model. They are the most powerful smartphones with rich functions. You can do a lot of things with your mobile phone recently. It provides many functions such as Internet search, e-mail confirmation, reading, listening to music, watching movies and online shopping. We store more and more important data in mobile phones. Due to mistakes, deleting files from Samsung’s mobile phone, or even not backing up important personal data in advance, to reset Samsung’s mobile phone or tablet computer, you need to download the mobile phone repair program to the computer for use, and then use this to scan the mobile phone and scan the mobile phone as much as possible. Silver data must be restored. There are many reasons to lose data In addition to manual deletion and factory reset, sometimes virus or virus vaccine tools can delete data on the mobile phone, regardless of warning or not.

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