How can i restore broken screen samsung s9 data?

“Hello, I have several broken screens. Samsung Galaxy S9, notebook 9 and notebook 8 have ways to fix data. My job is repairing phones. Many customers asked me for help. Thank you for your help. “- jisson

Well, it’s very common. You don’t need an old mobile phone, but if there is valuable data in it, you must get the files from the phone. Special tools are required to perform this task. The broken Android data extraction here can restore the broken image data of Samsung Galaxy S9.
With Samsung Galaxy S9 broken screen data recovery, you can recover data including videos, photos, contact information, SMS, call records, Viber information, and broken WhatsApp information of Samsung S9, S8, note 9, note 8, and note 7. Wait a few simple clicks. The following article shows the method wizard.

Steps to recover lost data from broken screen samsung s9:

Step 1: Samsung Galaxy S9 will be broken by Samsung connection to screen data recovery

Stpe 2: Mobile phone model identification

On the left, click “broken Android phone data extraction” and click “start”. Then select the name and model of the phone and click the “confirm” button.

Step 3: Start download mode

Next, set the Samsung device to download mode. Just follow the instructions of the interface. Then click the “start” button to modify the phone.

Step 4: Recover data from broken Samsung Galaxy S9 

After the last job, the program will scan the phone data automatically. Select the file type to be recovered, and click “recover” to start the data recovery process from the broken Android device.

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