How can i recover photos from lg v20?

Nowadays, large phones are the norm, and the V20 fits this model exactly. It has a 5.7-inch main screen, but there is also a strip on the top for the secondary screen and a strip below for symmetry. Although LG has been working hard to reduce the space around the phone, this phone is still quite bulky. To make room for the front camera, the secondary screen does not go all the way through the top.

The front is a visual segment, with a glass section above and below the metal strip. Overall, this phone has strange resemblance to the BlackBerry Z10 (Review | Pictures), especially because of these stripes, the shape and location of the headphones, and the curvature of the corners.
The latter things are more interesting. First, the entire rear is detachable, which was quite new in 2016. No modular accessories are provided here, but the battery can be removed. This is also where you can find the SIM card and microSD slot. In another fallback, you have to remove the battery to reach the main slot. The second is accessible, but the V20 will not recognize it until you restart your SIM card.

Method to recover lg v20 photos:

For LG smartphones, experts always recommend users to go to paid software to recover their deleted data if you don’t have a backup. Therefore, the best data recovery software for LG is Android Data Recovery, which is used to recover lost or deleted files of LG V20 series smartphones.

This LG V series mobile phone data recovery software is very powerful and can easily extract data from flooded, factory reset, locked, virus infected, ROM flashed, rooted, dead LG Android phones and tablets.

Step 1-Connect your Android phone
Step 2-Select the file types to scan
Step 3-The software will analyze your device first.
Step 4 – Preview and recover deleted data from Android device

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