How to recover lost text messages from samsung s9?

For more information on most of the Galaxy S9 experience, see our in-depth review of the Galaxy S9 +. We will focus here on what sets Galaxy S9 and S9 + apart, which is generally not good for Galaxy S9.

The Galaxy S9 measures 5.8 x 2.7 x 0.3 inches (HWD) and weighs 5.8 ounces. The Galaxy S9 + measures 6.2 x 2.9 x 0.3 inches and weighs 6.7 ounces. Both are slightly shorter, wider, and heavier than their predecessors (5.9 × 2.7 × 0.3 and 5.5 ounces, 6.3 × 2.9 × 0.3 inches and 6.1 ounces, respectively), but not as much as you noticed.

Method to recover text messages from samsung s9:

Samsung data recovery program allows you to recover deleted files on Samsung s9 phones. When these data remain intact before being overwritten by any new data, you can get back your Samsung s9 files. If you stop using the device immediately after losing your data, the data can still be recovered by android data recovery software.

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