How to recover lost messages from samsung s9?

The physical buttons have good feedback, which is easy to reach on the Galaxy S9, but it is foreseeable that there is less feedback on the Galaxy S9 +. We often like to move larger models around in the palm to get volume and power buttons on the side. The dedicated Bixby button still exists and cannot be remapped to perform any other function. One click to access Bixby’s home screen, which provides card information about the places around you (provided by Foursquare), news (provided by Flipboard), and even updates from installed applications (such as Twitter, Uber, etc.) .
Press and hold the Bixby button to use voice commands. For example, you can ask it to send a message to someone via WhatsApp, and then the actual message. In practice, we have found that Bixby’s work is decent as long as we correctly express our commands. Samsung provides a list of suggested voice commands for some popular applications. Bixby has more features, which we will introduce shortly.

Method to recover text messages from samsung s9:

In fact, deleted text messages are still hidden in the corner of your Galaxy S9 phone, you won’t find them easily, but Samsung text message recovery can! This program helps many users to efficiently retrieve deleted or lost text messages, contacts, pictures, videos and documents from Android phones and tablets. So you can complete the recovery effort without any effort. With its help, you can recover text messages, Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 +, Galaxy S8 / S7 / S6 / S5, Galaxy Note 8/5/4/3/2, and other Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola, Google , ZTE and other Android phones / tablets.

Step 1. Launch Samsung SMS Recovery Software
Step 2.Scan Galaxy S9 for missing messages
Step 3. Launch Galaxy S9 SMS Recovery

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