How to recover deleted photos from samsung note 9?

The Galaxy Note9 is a very large phone, and despite Samsung’s best efforts, it is very bulky. It is more neat in the corners than its Milky Way brother galaxy. Thankfully, the back of the glass is not slippery at all, because you have to constantly move your handles to reach all corners of the screen, even with both hands. It weighs 201g, whether you are watching a video, typing, or just putting your phone in your pocket, you will definitely feel it.

The front and back are glass and the frame is aluminum. The hand feels very good and the material looks perfect. The rear camera extends less than a millimeter and has a slightly raised border around the module to protect it. The only real downside in terms of design is that there is nothing very new or interesting compared to the Galaxy Note 8 (review), or compared to the Galaxy S9 series.

Method to recover photos from samsung note 9:

Here it is recommended that you use Samsung Data Recovery to recover deleted / lost pictures from the internal storage memory and external storage memory of samsung note 9. In addition, you can preview the deleted photos one by one before recovering, then select the photos you want to recover and click “Recover” to recover them.

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Recover lost data from samsung note 9

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