How to recover contacts from samsung s7?

When it comes to the choice between a flat and a curved display, each has its own appeal. Using the Galaxy S7 after having spent time with the S7 Edge feels almost constricting. You become very aware of the hard rectangular screen border, whereas the S7 Edge feels boundless. However, content does wrap around the edges, so it’s sometimes hard to hit buttons on the curved screen, and you lose a little bit of the picture when playing games and watching movies. As we noted with the Galaxy S6 Edge, the curved glass will pick up reflections no matter how you hold it, and that can become annoying when trying to focus on content.

Method to recover contacts from samsung s7:

When we recover deleted contacts from samsung s7, we will use Samsung data recovery. It can scan your samsung s7 phone, recover deleted photos and other data such as videos, contacts, text messages, call logs, whatsapp messages, file files on your samsung galaxy s7 phone.

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