iOS 9 system to begin testing, will be released in June this year

iOS 8 system launch time is not long, but it seems that Apple has begun testing iOS 9 system. Recently, according to foreign news sites Macworld disclosed after their site traffic data analysis found that Apple may have started testing the first prototype version of the system in iOS 9. Although according to past experience, Apple usually only in internal testing unreleased new version of the operating system, and now there’s this external testing, may mean that some new changes being Apple.


iOS 9 system to begin testing

According to foreign websites MacWorld reports that, with the operation of a Czech technical site analysis of the data sent to them out of the results show that in January this year, iOS 9 devices to access three trips through the site. And in the time in the past few months, iOS 9.x equipment for the site visits are a total of ten times. Among them, three for iOS 9.0, compared with three iOS 9.2, and once it is iOS 9.0.9. And if traced back to earlier, then last January 23 iOS 9.0 will have visited the site.

So if Apple is developing test iOS 9 system, then it means that the work has been carried out for a long time. At the same time the emergence of a new system for external test version, MacWorld analysts said Apple in the past usually only in internal testing unreleased new version of the operating system, but now such a situation, seems to be a manifestation of Apple’s new strategy.

June this year released

While Apple has been carried out to test whether iOS 9 system needs further confirmation, but it seems to have some credibility. After the news claiming that Apple plans to further expand mobile software preview version of the test range, so that part of the retail staff to participate, thus further reducing software vulnerabilities, improve the stability and reliability, and the project will soon be tested with the new iOS version to expand. IOS 9 system devices to access records, therefore, if the news is true, then the Czech site appears naturally not surprising.

However, it is not immediately clear how the iOS 9 system will bring change, but the message had given the US media that Apple will release iOS 9 and OS X 11.11 system at the WWDC conference in June of last year, so start now testing of the new system version does not let surprised. It is reported that the calendar from the San Francisco Moscone Center, this year’s June 8 – June 12, has been booked, the date is expected to be held in the Apple’s annual WWDC conference. While this Apple WWDC 2015 which will bring a new product, there is no news, but according to past experience, the new iOS 9 and OS X 11.11 system should then officially debut.

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