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How to Recover Deleted Contacts from iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7 plus is Apple’s latest mobile phone, it is Apple’s first mobile phone with a dual camera, Rear two cameras are all pixels of 12 million. So it to be able to capture 8 million pixels in the 4K video recording process. What makes people more like is that iPhone 7 plus adds a bright black color, which is the first bright black iPhone. iPhone is the world’s most widely used mobile phone brand. After launched the ipone 7 plus, people with unprecedented enthusiasm, many fans are rushing to buy it. But with the large number of people using it, many problems will follow. Most of the issues are about data loss, because the closure of the iOS system, many people’s data are gone. If you are facing this problem, do not be afraid, I’m sure that iPhone Data Recovery can help you.


There is no doubt that this software is developed specifically for data recovery on iPhone. It is the world’s first iPhone data recovery software. It has the highest data recovery rate in the industry. So people like to use this software to solve the problem of data recovery. The suitability of this software is very wide, it can perfectly fit almost all of the iPhone on the market, of course compatible with latest iPhone 7 Plus/iPhone 7. Not only does it help you recover your contacts, but it also helps you recover your photos, videos, messages, notes, etc. So it is simply a piece of cake to restore contacts on your mobile phone.

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How to restore deleted contacts on iPhone 7 Plus? Here is a simple description of the steps, please read patiently.

Step 1. Connect iOS Device with Computer
Please download and install iPhone Data Recovery on your computer in advance, and then run it. At the same time, connect your iPhone to the computer with the lightning line. Then click on “Data Recovery” and select “Recover from iOS Device” option.


Note: To avoid the automatically sync, don’t launch iTunes when running dr.fone toolkit. we suggest you disable the automatical syncing in iTunes beforehand.

Step 2. Scan Your Device for Lost Data on It
Simply click the “Start Scan” button to let this program scan your iPhone. In the scanning process, if you see the data you want, you can click “Pause” to temporarily stop the scanning process. Scan time depends on the amount of data in your phone, but not for a long time, please wait patiently.


Step 3. Preview the Scanned Data
After the scan is complete, the screen will display the phone’s data and the data has been lost. By clicking the file type in the left side, you can preview the found data. You can also enter keywords in the search box in the upper right corner of the interface to search for the specified file.


Step 4. Recover Data from Your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch
When you find the contacts you need, just put the check mark in front of the box to select them. Then click the “Recover” button. Then there will be a window, let you choose to recover to device or recover to the computer. If you want to put these messages back to your iOS device, click “Recover to Device”.


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How to Recover Deleted Messages from iPhone 7 Plus



How to Recover Deleted Messages from iPhone 7 Plus?

iPhone 7 plus is Apple’s first waterproof, dustproof and anti falling mobile phone, Apple Corp joined the automatic collision avoidance system” on the iPhone 7 plus for the first time. So the practicability of this mobile phone is greatly improved, people don’t have to worry about because of damage caused by the drop of mobile phone. Even better, iPhone 7 plus using a new generation of engine fingerprint identification sensor, which will greatly speed up the speed and accuracy of fingerprint recognition, to give users a better experience. People are attracted by this phone, more and more people around me use this phone. Various problems have emerged. Most of the issues are about data loss. If you are facing this problem, do not be afraid, I’m sure that iPhone Data Recovery can help you.


The software is the world’s first iPhone data recovery software. Many people have used it since it was launched. Not only because it has the highest data recovery rate in the industry, but also because of its powerful features and simple operation. iPhone Data Recovery can not only recover the deleted data, but also recover the lost data due to the damage, the virus and the system crash. What’s more, it also applies to almost all iphones on the market, of course compatible with latest iPhone 7 Plus/iPhone 7. It can not only help you recover the messages, but also to help you recover contacts, notes, call history, videos and other commonly used iphone data. So iPhone Data Recovery can help you find the messages you want.

Next, we will explain in detail how to use this software to restore your deleted messages from iPhone 7 Plus, please continue reading below.

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Step 1. Connect iOS Device with Computer
Run iPhone Data Recovery on your computer and connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable. Click on “Data Recovery” and select “Recover from iOS Device” option.


Note: Before running dr.fone, you’re supposed to download the latest version of iTunes. To avoid the automatically sync, don’t launch iTunes when running dr.fone toolkit.

Step 2. Scan Your Device for Lost Data on It
Click on the “Start Scan” button to allow the software to scan files and data in your iPhone. During the scanning process, if you see that the data you’re looking for is there, then you can click the “Pause” button to stop the process.


Step 3. Preview the Scanned Data
After a quick scan, the software will show you the data in your phone and the lost data. To filter out the deleted data on your iOS device, you can swipe the option “Only display the deleted items” to ON. You can browse one by one, you can also enter keywords in the search box to search for a specific file.


Step 4. Recover messages from Your iPhone 7 Plus
When you find the messages you need, just put the check mark in front of the box to select them. Then, click the “Recover” button, by default, the recovered data will be stored in your computer.


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Recover iPhone 6 Contacts Messages Photos after iOS 10 Upgrade

The iOS 10 system is released. In order to enjoy a better experience, I do not hesitate to upgrade the iOS 10. but I have not come to experience this system, I found a problem that I am depressed, the original data is lost in the phone. This is really bad for me, because I didn’t back up the phone. What method can I use to recover the missing data? My phone is iPhone 6.


iOS Data Recovery is a data recovery software which designed specifically for iOS devices. So it can face a variety of data recovery issues. Whether your phone data is accidentally deleted or lost after the brush. No matter what your mobile phone is on the ground and lead to a black screen or because the system upgrade so that missing data. You can use the software to solve your problem. You can solve the problem which you loss data because of the upgrade of iOS 10. So, quickly use the software to restore your mobile phone data.


How to Recover Lost Data from iPhone after iOS 10 Upgrade:

Step 1. Download and install the software to your computer. At the same time, please connect your iPhone to your computer with the USB cable.


Step 2. After successfully connecting the phone, you can see from the main interface, you need to select the data to restore and check them. When you have selected, click “Start Scan”. It is worth noting that, before connection of the phone, you need to quit all the operating procedures in the phone, or you can not normally complete to recover the data.


Step 3. After the end of the scanning, you can preview the files you want to restore. If you can’t find the file you want to restore, you can type the name of the file in the search box.


Step 4. Finally, you need to check the file you want to restore. And then click the button in the lower right corner. In the lower right corner, there are two buttons, respectively, “Recover to Computer” and “Recover to Device”. If you want to restore the data directly to your phone, click “Recover to Device”.



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Biography Apple iOS 9 will focus on system stability and optimization


According to the US technology blog 9to5mac reports, published in 2009, the Mac OS X Snow Leopard operating system to succeed in the future, iOS one of nine prominent “feature” Apple will be a direct focus on stabilizing and optimizing the operating system.

Although stability under normal circumstances is Apple’s operating system should have features, but due to a series of iOS system released too quickly, but also introduced many new features, and therefore make the overall performance is affected. 2013 Apple’s iOS user interface has been fully revised and added to the Touch ID Control Center and other new features; 2014 release of iOS

8 pairs of user interface design is optimized joined Health health applications and Apple Pay mobile payment application, and laid the foundation for Apple Watch Smart Watch.

9to5mac reports, sources familiar with the matter have revealed, iOS 9 engineers are focused on the work that fix bugs, maintain system stability and enhance the performance of the new operating system, rather than just focusing on the delivery of the major new features. In addition, Apple will continue to focus on the operating system patches and updates keep the size manageable, especially for iOS devices in terms of 16GB of memory.

It is unclear whether Apple may restrict iOS 9 only supports the relatively new equipment. If the iPhone 5c, the first fifth-generation iPad mini and iPod Touch have stopped production before the end of 2015, then Apple’s all, “currently available” iOS devices will use 64 A7, A8 and A9 processor, which may simplify Apple and third-party application developers iOS development process.

Over the past few years, Apple has been working to develop a variety of new iOS features such as Transit and Indoor map mode, these new features are expected to be released in the 2015 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

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How to delete Photos from iPhone 6 Plus in Batch

Here we are going to discuss how to delete photos in batch from iPhone. There is no difference between iPhone 6 Plus and other generation in deleting photos. A new button added in iPhone 6 Plus called “deleted items” in iPhone 6 Plus is developed to prevent accidental deletion and data loss.

How to delete pictures one by one?
1. Run “Photo” application in iPhone 6 Plus.
2. Choose a photo you want to delete and tap on the “Trash bin” icon to delete it.
How to delete a batch of photos directly from iPhone
1. Run “Photo” application in iPhone 6 Plus.
2. Tap “Camera Roll” and hit “Select” button in the upper right corner.
3. Select photos and remove them by tapping “Trash bin” button in the bottom right corner.
4. Click “delete 12 photos” to confirm to delete your photos.
How to completely delete your photos?
Photos you delete by above means will be sent to “recycle bin”. Now follow the below steps to completely remove your photos.
1. Go to the “Album” and hit “Deleted items”.
2. Now you can see the photos you have recently deleted.
3. Choose the picture you want to remove and hit “Delete” button.
Besides, if you mistakenly delete photos, you can also get them back from “recycle bin”. But if you fail to find your deleted photos, try iPhone Data Recovery to restore your data.

How to Recover Data from Lost iPhone

“Find My iPhone”, the anti-theft function of iPhone, can help you locate, lock or erase your iPhone and prevents iy from being erased or reactivated without your password. But if you fail to find your iPhone. Does it mean you will lose your data forever? Of course not. With iPhone Data Recovery, you can easily reocver data from lost iPhone through iTunes or iCloud.
Now this article will show you how to recovery data from iTunes/iCloud, how to use “Find My iPhone” to find your lost iPhone and how to recover deleted or erased data on your iPhone after finding it.

Part 1: Recover Lost/Stolen iPhone Data from iTunes/iCloud Backup
Lost your iPhone and wanna find data back? If you buy a new iPhone, you can directly recover data on your lost iPhone from iTunes or iCloud. But you have no choice but extract all data to your new iPhone from iTunes or iCloud backup file.
If you want to selectively recover parts of data from iTunes/iCloud backup file or you want to buy a new Android phone, the way above cann’t work for you. You need a third-party tool which allows you extract those data you want out of iTunes or iCloud and save them on another iPhone or Android phone. iPhone Data Recovery is highly recommended by a majority.
Here, we take iPhone Data Recovery as an example.
How to Recover Lost/Stolen iPhone Data via iTunes
1. Launch the program and choose the recovery mode of “Recover from iTunes Backup Files”.
2. Select one of your iTunes backup files and scan data in it.
3. After scanning, preview items one by one and recover those you need, and save them to your computer.
How to Recover Lost/Stolen iPhone Data via iCloud
1. Launch the program and choose the recovery mode of “Recover from iCloud Backup Files”.
2. Log in your Apple account. Then select your iCloud backup file and download it, and then scan data in it.
3. After scanning, preview items one by one and recover those you need, and save them to your computer.
Part 2: Find Your Lost/Stolen iPhone As Soon As Possible
 “Find My iPhone” is specially developed for tracing a lost iPhone. To help you locate, lock and erase data on your lost iPhone, turning on Find My iPhone is necessary. Here, the article will show you steps about how to trace your iPhone.
Steps to find your lost/stolen iPhone
1. Visit
2. Sign in your Apple ID.
3. Tap “Find My iPhone” and choose to locate your iPhone.
4. The system will show you the location of your lost iPhone in a map as long as your iPhone is on.
Part 3: Recover Deleted Data from Your Lost/Stolen iPhone After Finding it
If fortunately you can find you iPhone back but find that all data on your iPhone has been erased, what should you do to recover data? If you have any data backup, there is a useful solution for you. Please read on.
What you need: iPhone Data Reocvery
Download the free trial version below for free to have a try first.

Three simple steps to find data on your lost/stolen iPhone
1. Launch the program and connect your iPhone to PC.
2. Choose “Recovering from device” and scan data on your iPhone.
3. After scanning, preview items one by one and recover those you need, and save them to your computer.

Processor upgrade iPhone 6s listed Fall


Recently, the network broke a series of next-generation iPhone news. According to informed sources, the new iPhone will be released this fall, and based on the feedback of the supply chain, the new iPhone this fall will be a major upgrade processor, ios version, and memory. Change appearance, screen and camera are not great.

January 30, iSuppli Corp. Wang Yang, director of China studies in the supply chain is based on feedback, broke a series of messages about the new iPhone. It also said that because the iPhone’s design cycle is generally two years, so the new design of the iPhone until the fall of 2016 in order to meet with the people, and the new iPhone this fall will continue iPhone6 design style, the screen and the camera basically unchanged, upgrades the main aspect is the processor, ios and memory.

This upgrade, it is easy to get people to think before a series of Apple iPhone, for example, to upgrade iPhone4 iPhone4s, iPhone5 upgrade to iPhone5s are using this method to upgrade. So, before you continue to upgrade the style of Apple, the next-generation iPhone is certainly called iPhone6s. But if in this upgrade, so iPhone6 Plus upgrade should be called iPhone6s Plus, it looks like it is too domineering.

However, broke the news on the front, microblogging users also raised their concerns, and most of the questions are about the next generation iPhone’s camera, such as “OK camera network did not pass the credibility?” “Camera to upgrade to at least customized version of the 240 bar. “and so on. For these questions, the answer is “no change in the screen, the camera also determine the message.” Therefore, iPhone6s camera whether iPhone6 like protrusions, is unknown.

iPhone 7 conceptual design exposure or with dual speakers

iPhone users have been much concern, launched a series of mobile phones also occupy a large domestic market. Although the iPhone 6 and iPhine 6 Plus is still just in the country soon after the listing of new equipment, but the designers of the next generation of Apple’s smart phone design enthusiasm remains high. Previously, there are many out of the conceptual design news on iPhone 7, and exposure of this iPhone 7 What are the different characteristics? Let’s  find out.


It is reported that the iPhone is the conceptual design 7 by Dutch designer surgeon Yasser Farahi. In the design, the new iPhone is extremely narrow frame 7, the body should be relatively thin, and the volume keys to move from the left to the right side.


The sound quality, it’s a two-speaker stereo sound only when there is a need to automatically activate when the iPhone is in landscape orientation, the built-in iOS 9 system calculates the position of the iPhone, then the sound will automatically send the correct channel.


The iPhone 7 rumors may have five kinds of color options, and there will be wireless charging capabilities. However, there is also speculation that only the iPhone 7 from conceptual design may change, but the truth about the real machine is still a mystery. If you really like this design the user will get started? IPhone 7 and look forward to the day we met.


iPhone 6S rumors: Appearance / screen / camera unchanged


Since the iPhone 6 launch, it has determined to win attitude crazy occupy the domestic market. The user’s iPhone 6 just in the bag, the message about its next-generation mobile phone iPhone 6S on the incoming.

iSuppli Corp. China research director WangKevin diary at noon today Bowen said: this fall launch of the iPhone device primarily to upgrade the processor, IOS and memory, as the appearance of the screen and camera are not changed. He also said that due to the iPhone’s design cycle for two years, so the new iPhone going to fall in 2016 to meet you.

However, according to the previous iPhone upgrade laws of view, such as a slight upgrade to the iPhone 4 4S, iPhone 5 minor upgrade for 5s, then the iPhone 6 slight upgrade models will likely be named iPhone 6s. A major upgrade of iPhone 7 going to fall next year will come.

In summary, despite the iPhone 6S on hardware and software configurations will be improved, but in appearance might still continue the style of the iPhone 6 will not be changed. And has been criticized by the user if there will be smooth convex camera, which may have to wait until the release of iPhone 6S to know the answer.

IPhone 6S will pass on the 2GB memory or prepare for iOS 9

Yes, as you laugh at it, the message on the advent of next-generation iPhone has started.

Technews Taiwan media recently reported that Apple iPhone 6S (so named for the time being) will be equipped with 2GB LPDDR4 memory, which is the second iPhone 5 increased to 1GB memory, the Apple iPhone for the first time to make adjustments to memory, the current iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus adopt the 1GB LPDDR3 memory.

Relative to some time ago came the “double main lens, optical zoom, Force Touch”, the message sounded iPhone memory increase does not seem so attractive, its rival Android mobile phone early on 2GB, 4GB something has been achieved . But analysts said Forbes, the current Galaxy S5, Note 4 and Nexus 6 other high-end smart phones are used in DDR3 memory, while iPhone 6S of DDR4 has twice the bandwidth of DDR3.

If only compared with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, changing the memory will enable the next generation iPhone running speed doubles, four times the memory performance will improve. In other words, the application starts to run large applications, as well as multi-tasking and other operations will become faster and more smoothly.

You may be wondering iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus speed is already fast enough, why Apple memory upgrades for the next generation of products? Many media have pointed out, this is the next generation system iOS 9 have a great relationship. Earlier there was news that Apple is working on iOS 9 conduct more tests, and improve the performance of the hardware is very likely to be able to smoothly carry iOS 9 to prepare.

According to Apple’s practice, usually S Series products will greatly enhance the software, and iOS development is basically in accordance with the “fine tuning generation, a generation change” pace:

iOS 5, introduced iMessage, iCloud, wireless synchronization, and the integration of cloud notification bar made adjustments; iOS 6 Apple just added a map; iOS 7 is completely changed the design style and iOS operating mode; relatively speaking iOS 8 in not so large, increasing the number of gadgets and Apple Pay, Healthkit services.

So, iOS 9 major changes should be carried out again. If you are running iOS 8, the current hardware configuration of the product have been enough, but to adapt to the post-9 dramatically iOS, you need to prepare the hardware side.

If the news is true, both software and hardware will be a great improvement next iPhone might be more attractive. However, Forbes said, the price LPDDR4 LPDDR3 than 35%, plus the memory upgrade to 2GB, which means that the cost of the next generation iPhone will improve a lot. Of course, the price will be more expensive.